Our Stout Story began when we purchased this beautiful vessel from its former owner in November of 2015.  Actually, it began much earlier than that when we dared to dream “what if” and attended our first boat show in Annapolis in 2009.  In the 6 years that followed we went from “what if” to “how could we ever” to “wouldn’t it be wonderful” to “how do we make this happen and when.”  We ultimately figured it out.

As illustrated in the pages that follow, the former owner lovingly restored and upgraded Stout over a period of years. He is also the person to be credited for this website. We are not sharing his name because we promised him we wouldn’t. But we feel a great responsibility to continue the good stewardship of this vessel.  The photos on this website show Stout in her prime condition. She has aged a little more since she became ours, and we have made upgrades of our own which we will add to About Stout as time allows. Most of all, we are simply enjoying her and adding to her story.